Episode 57

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19th Dec 2019

A perfect end to 2019, with Peter Daniel of Soaring Free Superfoods #57

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Getting Naked With Nate
rewilding for your heart and mind through vulnerable conversations with incredible people
Authenticity is hard to come by and a treasure when found, so join Nate Maingard (troubadour, lyric-poet, truth-speaker and unintentional philosopher) and guests as they explore uplifting, vulnerable and enlightening conversations, music and journals, sharing life with infectious lightness, raw depth, cheeky humour and awe-filled curiosity. If you love authenticity, don’t fit the mould, want to experience more joy or are someone who loves to go beyond the surface, then this is for you!

Previous guests include The Holistic Psychologist (Dr Nicole), porn star Lily Labeau, singer-songwriter Sam Garrett and many more.

Show-notes at https://nakedwithnate.com
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Nathan Maingard

Born in a tiny cottage on the Cape of Storms, to a writer and a craftsman, Nathan was raised barefoot and naked, fed on the sounds of a wild ocean and the poetry of the lyricists of the '60s. He is a wordsmith and truth-speaker, sharing protest songs for lovers and love songs for rebels. His stories invite you Home, home into your heart, back to the place where every sage has pointed, found in mystical moments of meditation, presence, ecstasy and now through the catalyst of these creations he is here to share with you.